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  • Self-Employed MISSING Tax Savings

  • Self-Employed MISSING Tax Savings

    Regardless of what service I am providing a client, the most often asked question is HOW CAN I REDUCE THE AMOUNT OF TAXES I PAY?

    My answer 9.5 out of 10 times is, SAVE MORE MONEY.

    The look on your face right now is the same puzzled look that I get from my clients. How can saving more money help me reduce my tax liablity?

    There are little known rules that allow self-employed business owners with no employees (or just a spouse as an employee) to have a business checkning account setup as a retirement fund.

    The business owner controls the checking account. 

    Contributions to the account are counted as income deductions, thus reducing your tax liabiltiy.

    You can contribute up to $57,000 per year for 2021 (contributions can be made for the current tax year until the tax deadline of the following year).

    My client's average a net savings of $20,000+ the first year that they employ this strategy.

    No, it is not for the super rich. Some of my clients that employ this strategy gross less than $100k per year. 

    Every self-employeed business owner should call me to at least discuss this strategy. This is an example of the type of service ATIG client's receive.

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